I cast my mind back to yesterday’s wedding where we got tipsy and almost fell over on the dance floor.

I did my best to be polite to two families I’d never met, but on numerous occasions, I guess, I could have tried harder. Of course by the end of the night I was friend with everyone and everyone’s wife, but right now I couldn’t remember their names no matter how hard I tried…

I guess it wasn’t too bad, as being a friend of you with fancy cameras was not the only purpose I was there in your wedding.

If you start getting ready early in the morning, I will be there if you want me to. For me it’s all about capturing your wedding day and getting the best shots possible, the shots of the important moments and moments in-between. Some moments you may not even know of until you see your photos, but I’ll be there for them. You will never have to worry about me, or asking me if you have time for another shot for you and your brothers. I will be there.

At the end, all these delicate, heartfelt & beautiful moments of your big day will be spontaneously documented and carefully handcrafted. They are to be shared and cherished with friends, family and maybe generations to come.

In 2017, my wedding coverage starts from $1980, and full day packages are from $2680.

I am not sure if this is the way you wish me to fit in your wedding. I would like to catch up with both of you for a coffee to hear your plan, join you for a drive to visit the venues, and possibly to meet your favourite people before the wedding day. I will commit to witness your important day and take care the little details in the wedding, just like one of your other friends…

but before that, how about writing me a few lines, tell about yourself and the wedding ideas so we can get your story begin~

Say hello to me via yanchenfoto@gmail.com. I look forward to hear from you : )