Hi, my name is Yan. A storyteller and adventurer based in Brisbane, Queensland. I am passionate about travelling to where the mountains meet the sky, and the streams meet the ocean. I’m always willing to walk a thousand miles for a good story; so please feel free to ask if I can come to your wedding.

I believe the best stories are those I have never heard. As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to meet and connect with many lovely strangers, hear and experience their unique story and capture it through a lense.

As a creative soul, I am influenced by art, music, movies & poetry; but most importantly, you. Your unique story is my greatest inspiration. On your wedding day I am not there to tell you what to do, but to simply observe and capture what is real. It is your story. I would like to witness your personality shine. Do things your own way, laughter lines should be the least of your worries on your wedding day. If you want a day filled with heartfelt memories, with the people you love, and those who love you… I would like to be there for you.

When I’m not capturing stories, I am in love with lazy Sundays, negative space, bikes, green tea & chai, the sound of drizzled rain & my out of tune ukelele.