The Winter Stroll, New Farm

So winter is here in Brisbane.

Apart from those couple extremely windy days, the rest of winter in is pretty enjoyable, especially for the love birds. Catching up for a hot beverage in a cosy local cafe is twice romantic than in the hotter seasons. The sun feels warm, so does his cuddle. Holding hands is also more likely to happen in winter, when touching skin is no longer sticky. In the chilly evenings, she puts on his jacky and he shares a scarf with her… This is a season of LOVE.


After the winter soon there will be another romantic season, Spring. That is when Tarryn & Brandan will tie the knot~

Can’t wait.



ps. Specially thanks the friendly staffs in the Dello Mano to let us to use the cafe for the shots. Make sure to try their house Brownie if you are around Teneriffe next time, the BEST in this rivercity~


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