Hey, my name is Yan. I am a storyteller that takes nice-looking & interesting photos. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, yet I love travels to wherever the mountains meet the sky and the streams meet the oceans – please feel free to ask if I would like to come to your wedding. I am willing to walk thousand miles for a good story.

I always believe that the best stories are those I have never heard. Being a wedding photographer, I got the chance to meet and be connected many lovely strangers, hear their unique stories and then capture them through the lenses. I am grateful.

Like other photographers, I am influenced by arts, music, movies & poetry, but more importantly, yourselves and your unique stories are my greatest inspiration. Then not exactly like all the other wedding photographers,  it is not my forte to show up in your wedding day with the act like your boss, to tell you what to do and when to do certain things. It is your story. I would like to witness your personality to shine. So if you like to do things in your own way, if the cheek wrinkles show up when you laugh is the least thing you worry in the wedding, if you want a day with heartfelt memories with the people you love and those love you… I would like to be there for you.

Beside of good stories, I am in love with lazy Sundays, negative space, bikes, green tea/chai, the sound of drizzle & out-tuned ukulele.